Welcome to Apex 40 Australia (Inc)

For Continuing Fellowship

Apex 40 Australia Inc. is not a Service Club, but an organisation
formed to foster fellowship among past Apexians and their partners,
and to retain the many friendships formed during their Apex years.
It also exists to assist Apex, when asked, and not to operate in
opposition to Apex. It is open to past members and their partners,
and also Ex-World Councilors who have retired from their respective organisations.
2019 RORT Leeton NSW
Roaring 40's
Our National Magazine is produced 4 times a year covering stories from around our sub groups and what is happening at the national level.

Click on the graphic to read our latest Roaring 40's magazine


Read about Apex 40, there is also a link to joining our organisation and some of the rules.


Every year one hundred or so members catch up with each other for a few days to renew friendships and relive the Apex spirit.


Membership is open to all past Apex Club Members, partners and affiliated clubs.


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Latest Informatiom
The 2018 RORT in Launceston is just days away.
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