For Continuing Fellowship

The Ideals of Apex were to provide a means of forming enduring friendships. So, do you remember the great friendships and fellowship you experienced as a member or partner of an Apex member? Why not continue those friendships and join Apex 40.

Some Apex 40 members decided to form sub-committees which are generally based around past or present Apex Club locations.  These sub-committees may meet monthly or less regularly, but all with a view to maintaining and fostering friendships, and occasionally providing assistance to Apex Clubs.

Each year members from Apex 40  gather for a weekend to attend the Annual Convention known as 'The Rort'. During this weekend there is a brief interruption to the festivities to conduct the necessary formality of The Annual General Meeting. After the weekend is over the RORT is followed by Post-RORT tour which is a 4 or 5 day itinerary covering visits to areas surrounding the town hosting The Rort.

The socialising of individual members with each other, across the whole organisation, never ceases. When on an interstate holiday, for example, members invariably look up acquaintances and friends made during the Rorts. It is a huge social club, and fosters friendships between whole families.

To gain more of an idea of what it is about, have a look at the Roaring 40s newsletter which is published three times a year. The newsletter provides information on Apex 40 activities and items of interest from around the sub-committees.

There are currently about 35 active sub-committees, some with memberships in excess of 40, plus 14 'Members-at-large'. Members at Large are active members of Apex 40, living or travelling in areas where there is no Apex 40 sub-committees , or find it not practical to join an existing sub-committees, but still participate in our activities.

Membership is open to all past members of Apex, their partners and members of affiliated clubs.